The Top Ten List for Finding Peace of Mind

Peace of mind does not only come to us when everything is going well. It is a combination of many areas of our life that can sustain us when life is not going well.

#1. Forgiveness.
Let go of anger toward anyone, including yourself.

#2. Reserves.
Have the awareness that you are not going to run out of the things that can cause disruption in your life, eg. gas,food,water…and even love.

#3. Acceptance of yourself and others.

The only person you can change is you. Let the past go and make better decisions for your future.

#4. Have a Clear Conscience.
Act always as though someone you respect is watching you.

#5. Support.

Know where you can turn for support or help. A shoulder to cry on, someone to listen. If you need help….ask for it.

#6. Surroundings that comfort you and bring you joy.
Keep your home tidy, organized, and attractive to you. Involve all of your senses, smell, touch, and music.

#7. Wrap up your to do lists, and catch up any over due bills.

Just making progress on this area, will bring you peace of mind. Set a schedule to complete them. Ask for help.

#8. Know that you are connected to Something….
Your family, your church, your friends, your support group…know that you do BELONG.

#9. You are not a victim.

You have a choice. Look at all of your options….they are there in front of you. Brainstorm to find them.

#10. Know that you can change the World.
One person can have an impact….so help out, volunteer, create the ripple in the pond that will affect others lives.

Let there be Peace on earth….and Let it Begin with Me.


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In memory of Alice

The dream begins…..

Years ago I was blessed to work in a nursing home with a patient named Alice.  She had been severely beaten by her husband with a baseball bat.  Alice was brain injured and for five years had been spoon fed baby food.She communicated with her thumb …up was yes…down was no.  She was very aware of EVERYTHING…she just could not speak.

Her guardian was Linda Andre, my dear friend.  Linda asked me to visit her in the nursing home to see if I had any ideas for her oral care as she had a lot of visible plaque, and maybe cavities.  Her caregivers were having trouble with brushing her teeth because of her gag reflex.

The day I met Alice, I was also a witness to her DNA form.  She was asked in the event of a heart attack would she want to be resuscitated.  SHE PUT HER THUMB UP!!!!  She had tears in her eyes…she wanted to live.

I vowed to help her have the fullest life possible at that point.   I began working with her and her nurses on how to help her brush her teeth.  I then brought in a Rota Dent for her oral care.   We worked on the skill of breathing through her nose to correct the gag reflex.

She made amazing progress!!!   I met with a team of her Doctors, Social workers, Speech therapists….and her huge advocate Linda Andre.  I presented the idea that she could eat REAL food and feed herself.  They all laughed out loud and said I just did not know about gag reflexes and that she would choke to death on real food.

I said I had worked with gag reflexes in my dental career ….everyday.  Alice was able to even bring her toothbrush to her own mouth and use it….we still did it for her as well…but she took great pride in her self care of her teeth. During the team meeting….they challenged me….they said … is lunch time now.  IF you really feel she can feed herself and eat real food….let’s see her do it!!!  Now.    I took the challenge and said Alice and I will meet you in the cafeteria.
I ran down the hall to Alice’s room.  She was in her wheel chair….I took her hand and said ” My friend….everything we have practiced with your toothbrush is going to give you an opportunity to have real food today.  I know you can do it.  We have to prove it to the team of professionals who take care of you….right now.”  Alice had not had REAL food in over 5 years.
She put up her little thumb….and lit up like a light bulb.  I ran her down the hall in her wheel chair…..we left skid marks….we were so excited.
They had a tray of food for her…..those surrounding her were expecting to see her fail…..she was only given a fork.   I coached her and said….it is just like a toothbrush…..hold it the same….she grabbed the fork….stabbed a huge strawberry….put it right into her mouth….chewed it up and swallowed perfectly!!!
Alice ate REAL food for the rest of her life.   A skill she learned from a toothbrush.
Alice you taught me much more…..than I ever taught you my friend.  Every human being deserves a chance to live life to the fullest…..however that is and whatever it means to them.

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Twenty Fifteen One of my goals is to work on my blog!! :)

I have a lot of catching up to do with all the changes on Word Press.  I am ready to complete my book “Stand by Me” in 2015.

It has been a labor of love with facing deep loss head on, and it was easier to do the chapters on my friends than to do the chapter on my own life to finish my book.

I am going to republish some of my past blog posts, these are the ones that are special to me.

Life is a journey, let it begin …… 2015 is knocking at the door.

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I Believe…..

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I am standing on the ledge of life ….

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